10.The printer keeps beeping or flashing



1. The printer will beep or flash when it is ON without labels. Please load the labels and then turn it on.             We have disabled the beeping settings from shipments starting on January 1, 2024.

2. Ensure that the printer cover is securely closed. If you have loaded the label paper into the printer, closed      it properly, and it is still beeping or flashing 6times, please open the printer cover and send us a photo for further inspection.

3. If you are using BU820 I BT820 Printer, please follow these steps to set it up:

1)Remove the label paper from the printer and turn the power on, let it keep beeping or flashing.

2)Open the "Rekdom Printer" app - tap printer icon, choose Bluetooth, find the BU820 I BT820 Printer to connect - then tap Settings icon - Calibration Settings - Lack Paper Learn - Tap Learn. After that, load the label paper into the printer and see if it stops beeping or flasing.